Two good channels is going to cost a lot of money. Typically you might  use a stereo pair - Mic Amp - External A/D converter - AES to your  digitial recorder. In this set up the external amp and A/D converter are  being used on the assumption that even the amps and the A/D conversion  on a device like the 722 are not good enough.

The set up I use is Schoeps stereo pair  (with various capsules)-  Pendulum Audio Tube Mic Pre - Dan Lavry A/D Converter - AES to 744T. The  sound that that set up produces is a world away from recording directly  to the 744T even though it is an excellent recorder.  The quality of  each component  in the chain is really important, but the the quality of  your analog to digital conversion is going to make a big difference.


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