sound recording

за год поменялось представление о звукозаписи и сетапе:

было в 2017:
current setup for field recording:
source (4 mics: akg 414 *2 stereo  pair, coles 4038, electrovoice re20) -> sound devices 442 -> nagra  iv-s -> rme babyface pro -> destination (bandcamp)

сейчас в 2018:
less microphones more real acoustics you hear!
at location: source (stereopair Schoeps MK2H = omni AB stereo for good room/ stereopair Schoeps MK4 = cardioid ORTF for bad room) -> nagra iv-s //
at home: nagra iv-s -> mytek adc 192 ->(aes) sound devices 702 -> audition -> destination (vynil+bandcamp)


Schoeps CMC52h (ab stereo) -> Lipinski Sound l409 preamps -> Nagra IV-S


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